On average how long should it take you to organize?

Have you ever wondered how long it will actually take you to tackle your organizing project?  Listed below are average times that you can expect to take.  Read more …

Obviously this is only an approximation as there are many factors to take into consideration, such as how large the closet/bedroom/kitchen/garage/office is.  This is meant just as a rough guide to help you plan your time for your organizing project.

A Closet – 4-6 hours

A bedroom – 8-12 hours

A kitchen 10-14 hours

A garage 8 – 12 hours

An office including filing system 10 -24 hours

Of course these times also depend on how focused you are on getting the project done and how many interruptions you have.

Now that you have these time guides, my question to you is:

When can you schedule 4-6 hours into your calendar to start work on your closet?   

Let me know if you would like help!