socks1Disappearing socks

Have you ever noticed how when you put 2 socks in a washing machine only one comes out?  Where does that other sock go?  This is one of life’s mysteries!

Most of my family are organized and put their socks together in the laundry bin for the laundry fairy to deal with.  However there is one occupant of my household that does not consistently do this.  Consequently I have a bag of odd socks.  What to do with them that is the question!

Well I have found a great use for them.  I put my hand in the sock and use them as a duster.  They collect all the dust and because your hand is actually inside the sock you have more directional control.  Unlike a normal duster that as you flick it around the dust tends to move from one space to another, the dust on the sock stays on the sock.  Sock and dust – A match made in heaven!   When you have finished dusting you can simply throw them in the washing machine and start the cycle of sock life again.