NAPO Specialist Certificate – Residential Organizing issued by NAPO to Soo PorterMichigan NAPO

I am Soo Porter, Professional Organizer for Your Cluttered Space and have been organizing people’s home just like yours since 2014   I am a member of both NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) International and of the South East Michigan chapter of NAPO, in which I have previously held the position of Treasurer. Recently I earned the NAPO Specialist Residential Organizing Certificate.  In 2011

In 2011, I moved from the UK to Michigan.  This was a huge upheaval and involved down sizing my worldly goods from a large 4 bed roomed home into just a 20 cubic foot container. Consequently  I have complete empathy for people that are having to downsize and get rid of their worldly treasures, it can be very difficult!  The feeling of lightness though when you have de-cluttered, take it from me, really does make you feel exhilarated!

I have a confession!

I have not always been an organized person!  However back in 2000 something happened that caused a significant change in my life – I met and married my husband.  He is an Engineer who thinks very logically and efficiently.  He always has a specific place for items and constantly puts them back in their place when finished with.  Over the years I have considered his logic and realized it actually makes sense.  I realized that my disorganized habits weren’t supporting the life style I wanted for myself and frequently had wasted time hunting things down – things had to change!  Now items are given a home, not just a home though, somewhere they can be found in 5 minutes.  It really does save me a lot of time and frustration.

Changing lifetime habits into new behaviors can be a difficult challenge.  Thankfully I had help to change habits that weren’t benefiting me into new behaviors, it was so much easier with help!

In addition to being a Professional Organizer I am also a certified Professional Life Coach  (CPC). Through my coaching I help people transform their lives from where they are now to be the best they can possibly be.  Check out my other website