Do you know what is in your drawers?

As I was sitting the dentist’s chair today, I was having a conversation about organizing with my Hygienist – yes I know a strange topic to be discussing while having your teeth cleaned!  She told me that her one daughter was quite organized while the other – well let’s say her daughters were not a matching pair!

We got to discussing bedrooms and how untidy drawers can become.  I asked her how clothes were place in the drawers and she informed me that she folded items like t-shirts and placed them flat in the drawer.  I suggested that a better way was to fold the t-shirt in half, tuck the sleeves in then fold 3 times and stack the t-shirt vertically.  When you fold and place items in drawers horizontally, items get buried and forgotten  – also this method allows for items to be pulled out of the drawer and then just shoved back in – gone is the nice folded up t-shirt!  Stacking your t-shirts in the drawer vertically allows you to see exactly what you have in there at a glance.  If you want to take this organizing tip one stage further you can keep all the short sleeve t-shirts together, the long sleeve together and also keep the same colors together.

This is a drawer where t-shirts have been vertically stacked.   Not only can you see what is stacked in the drawer, folding the t-shirts for vertical packing avoids them getting wrinkled.