Keeping stuff costs you money continued

Keeping stuff in your home that is unwanted or  unused costs you lots of money.   Your home could be  so cluttered that you can’t find things and have to buy duplicates or have to pay for a storage unit to keep your stuff.

Having too much stuff in your home can prove to be a huge problem when you need to move house.  I have recently worked with a Client that had a short time in which to sell his house  and move out.  In this home were all his possessions – he had kept memos, reports, papers relating to his work, all his school papers, truly there was a mountain of just paperwork that belonged to him.  In addition to this he had all the possessions of his deceased wife, who had kept all their son’s clothes since he was a baby, plus many other “treasures”, many of his son’s “treasures”, his parents “treasures”, his wife’s parent’s treasures and his deceased brother’s “treasures”.  The house was bulging at the seams with stuff.  This gentleman used the service of 3 Professional Organizers, 1 Estate Sale Company and also has hired 2 storage pods for 6 months to keep the stuff he did not have time to organize and sort.  This stuff has cost this gentleman thousands of dollars and is continuing to cost him money because of the storage pods he is hiring to keep stuff that has not yet been sorted and potentially at least 50% of it will be garbage!

Please take heed of this man’s plight, don’t leave it too late to get rid of all the stuff in your home that you are not using or don’t need.  It will cost you a fortune!