How to maximize space in your closet cheaply!

Even after you have got rid of all the clothes in your closet that don’t fit you, have holes in or you simply don’t like, sometimes storage space can be tight.

I found this out recently when I downsized my parents’ home.  My Mum bless her cotton socks must have donated at least 50 blouses – however this still left her with probably another 50!  Trying to squeeze all her clothes in one closet was tough (previously she had  5 closets).  Something had to be done!

Often when we hang clothes in our closet we tend to hang them horizontally and forget about all the vertical space that is available. When hanging blouses/shirts/trousers (pants for my American readers) and skirts the space below these items is wasted when hung horizontally.

My mum needed to see exactly what clothes she had, they did not need to be scrunched up on one tiny rail.  I had a plan!   I rushed to the local supermarket and purchased 36 cans of soda.  Gently removing the ring pulls from the tins, I used them to link the coat hangers together and create vertical hanging, thus enabling me to create a system whereby I had all her red blouses hung together, all her white ones etc. When using this technique please use strong coat hangers and simply slide the ring pull over the hook, insert another coat hanger in the bottom of the ring pull.   I found that 6 was the maximum weight for blouses.  Shower curtain rings can also be used when you run out of ring pulls.

This is a great way to maximize the space you have and keep similar items together cheaply.  It also allows you to see what you have in your closet.