These questions and answers are some that I have been asked by clients, that may help you with your organizing project.

Q Is my house the worst you have ever seen?

A This question tends to be derived from embarrassment or fear of judgement. Please understand that I’m not visiting your house to judge you or compare you against others! I will haven no hidden agenda I will simply be coming to your home to assess the problem you wish to overcome and help you work toward a solution.

Q Where should I begin?

A Actually admitting that your home/space needs organizing is a good beginning point. The next step is determining whether you feel you can tackle this on your own or if you need help.

Q What method should I use to get organized?

Well this depends. You can either start by picking a category and working on just that, such as the categories of clothing/paperwork, books or magazines for example. Or you can start on the hot spot – this is the part of the house that everything you walk into it absolutely shouts at you that it needs organizing.

Q Should I buy lots of containers before I start organizing?

A No not at all. You will probably find that once you start the organizing process you will have empty containers that can be used. Don’t spend money unnecessarily.

Q. My paperwork is out of control, how would you start working on that?

A Well the first thing I would probably get you to do is turn the pile of “I’ll get to that tomorrow” paperwork over, this way the old stuff can be dealt with first and you may find that a lot of this can be disposed of. I would also look at the junk mail you are receiving and determine how to stop that coming in. I would also recommend a garbage bin near where you bring the junk mail into the home.

Q Is your service confidential – I don’t want people knowing that I can’t keep my home tidy and organized?

A Absolutely confidential.

Q What does working with a Professional Organizer involve?

A Well I cannot speak for the whole of the industry, but I can tell you what working with me would be like. Firstly it would be a confidential, judgement free zone. I do not necessarily expect you to dispose of all of your belongings, but we can explore whether they are located in the best place in your home, or if there is another strategy for keeping them. I do not just stand on the sidelines barking orders of what to do with stuff, I coach you, assist you to make decisions that are best for you and your situation and roll up my sleeves and do the grunt work of moving stuff around. My philosophy is based on the theory that you do not just feed the starving in Africa, but you show them how to grow their own food. Getting organized is not just about making the space work more efficiently for you, it is about changing habits that are no longer working for you and learning better behaviors that will result in releasing stress, frustration and the feeling of being overwhelm.