Time for a declutter – Seniors dinner

Soo is a delightful presenter who offered great tips and practical examples for getting organized to our Seniors. She encouraged small victories – things we could do immediately and challenged us to change our mindset with regard to our things for long-term. Especially appreciated was the tip to send grown children’s ‘leftovers’ back to them as Birthday and Christmas gifts!

St Marys Church, Milford

Laughter makes it better- Brighton MOPS

Soo we cannot thank you enough for your amazing presentation of Laughter makes it better  at our MOPS group! The smiles in the room were incredible and uplifting! Especially as moms I think we all take our responsibilities so seriously we often forget to enjoy life and laugh. It feels wonderful to laugh! I felt like I had a sincere workout after that class! And I have noticed that the attitude in my house has shifted to finding more opportunities for laughter over anger. Thank you for helping us all to feel great, laugh, and leave there with so much positivity!  I recommend this class for anyone!


Time for a declutter – Highland Library

Soo is a engaging and well-prepared speaker — we’re always happy to host her at our library.




I attended two of Soo Porter’s de-cluttering presentations. She is a very inspirational speaker. Her many helpful ideas gave me solutions to get my clutter under control and feel less overwhelmed.

I appreciate the motivation I felt after leaving, which put me on a path to start my organizing and de-cluttering project!