Laughing is so good for us, why don’t we do it more?  

Laughing regularly has been proven to lift depression, anxiety, stress and other medical issues.  It can also improve productivity.  If you work in an area that is stressful, starting the day with Laughter makes it better could improve performance.

When you laugh you release endorphins that fool the brain into feeling good.  It oxygenates your blood leaving you feeling energized.  As adults with the burdens of life we do not laugh as much as we could, thus not taking full advantage of this free medicine.  Come join us and leave the burdens of life at the door, while you come and have some fun. 

This testimonial regarding Laughter makes it better,  is from the organizer of  Brighton MOPs group.

Soo recently came to our mothers of preschoolers group at First United Methodist Church in Brighton and did her Laughing makes it better class.  We weren’t sure what to expect (although having had Soo come speak with us before we knew anything she offered would be wonderful) but wow, the energy in the room and positivity that came of that meeting was incredible!  Everyone who attended noted an increase in mood by significant levels.  Soo is professional and friendly, fun and engaging. I think the idea of more laughter in the world is a great concept.

Here are some pictures from the session