On average how long should it take you to organize?

Have you ever wondered how long it will actually take you to tackle your organizing project?  Listed below are average times that you can expect to take.  Read more …

How to maximize the space in your closet

Even after you have got rid of all the clothes in your closet that don’t fit you, have holes in or you simply don’t like, sometimes storage space can be tight.  Read more  …

Great tips from Good Housekeeping

I love looking for new organizing ideas and today I came across 50 from Good Housekeeping.  I have included my favorites.  Read more ………

 Disappearing sockssocks1

Have you ever noticed how when you put 2 socks in a washing machine only one comes out?  Where does that other sock go?  This is one of life’s mysteries!  Read more…….

Do you know what is in your drawers?

As I was sitting the dentist’s chair today, I was having a conversation about organizing with my Hygienist – yes I know a strange topic to be discussing while having your teeth cleaned!  She told me that her one daughter was quite organized while the other – well let’s say her daughters were not a matching pair!  Read more …….

Keeping stuff costs you money

Many of us live in our home for many years.  During this time we can amass lots of “treasures”, which may have been stuff that has been purchased or things that have inherited. We keep these items around us, often failing to realize until it is too late that we have too much stuff cluttering up our lives.  Read more ……

Storage boxes – how many do I need?

I frequently get asked by clients, how many storage boxes will I need?

How many you need is an important question to ask and cannot be truly answered until you have purged your items.  It is quite possible that you have enough storage boxes already to keep the items you need to keep!  Once you start taking stuff out of the
boxes you already have it is surprising how quickly they mount up.  Read more ….

How to start your organizing project

Taking that first step and starting your organizing project can be very hard as the clutter you have amassed over many years can make you feel overwhelmed.  So here are a few suggestions to help you make a start on your organizing project.  Read more …