Answer the questions below to determine your organizing personality, then check below for your scores.

  1. People drop by unannounced, do you?
    1. Panic – you don’t have people over due to the excess clutter.
    1. Feel a little uncomfortable about it but need to frantically clear space for them to sit down.
    1. Feel happy
  2. Describe your kitchen worktops, are they?
    1. Completely cluttered, you can’t see them
    1. Have some space to use
    1. Have nothing on them
  3. How long does it take you to find your keys?
    1. More than 6 minutes
    1. Between 4-6 minutes
    1. No time at all you know exactly where they are at all times
  4. When you have to be somewhere by a set time are you:
    1. Always late
    1. Early
    1. Exactly on time
  5. How often do you need to purchase duplicate items because you can’t find something?
    1. Always
    1. Occasionally
    1. Never
  6. Do you apply the one item in, one item out rule?
    1. Never
    1. Sometimes
    1. Always
  7. Unwanted/unused clothes in your closet, do you?
    1. Never get rid of clothes you no longer wear
    1. Have a clear out once in a blue moon
    1. Get rid of unwanted/unused clothing regularly
  • How often do you deal with your paperwork?
    • Never it’s just left in piles and ignored
    • Just at tax time.
    • Regularly (at least once a month)
  • Is there space in your garage to park your vehicles?
    • No
    • Have some space but need to regular move items to park vehicle in garage
    • Yes always
  • Do you know everything you have stored in your basement?
    • Not at all
    • Some stuff
    • Everything.

Quiz scoring

             A = 1 points

                    B = 2 points

                    C = 3 points

If you have scored 20-30 points you can give yourself a pat on the back, you are fairly well organized and have things under control.

If you have scored 11-20 points, well there is some work that needs doing.  Maybe just check the current habits you are using and see if they are benefiting you.  What score could you achieve if just a few small changes were made?

Under 11 points, your life style habits certainly have room for improvement.  The lack of organization in your life is costing you money, you are loosing valuable time and stress levels potentially will be high.