Relationship Clutter

Most of my work as a Professional Organizer is clearing clutter from my client’s home, helping them create organized systems or helping them prepare for a move.  However, as a certified Life Coach, I can help you with more than just the physical clutter.  Often when there is physical clutter in the home there may also be relationship clutter, people may feel frustrated, angry or even helpless with the situation they are living in.  Living in clutter can cause problems, arguments and resentment in relationships.  Relationships can be very complex and if there are differences between partners, they can quickly become conflicts, struggles and threats to a relationship.

During this Pandemic many relationships will have been tested in a variety of ways and the potential for divorce is considerably higher.  Being cooped up in an environment that brings frustration and despair may only have heightened the relationship problems.  Can you relate to this?  Are you having problems in your relationship?  Do you feel you are walking on eggshells, just waiting for a time bomb to go off?  Maybe you feel lonely or unappreciated?  Do you feel you are having more arguments, is there more hostility in your home, are you frustrated, is communication between you and your partner at an all-time low?  Maybe you are heading towards Divorce?  Research has shown that often couples endure problems in their relationship for up to 6 years before they seek professional help.

Are you prepared to endure 6 years of unnecessary suffering or would you like to take action now and work towards a solution? Coaching can help strengthen you and your relationship.  Would you like to try it?