One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Downsizing can be hard.  Having to get rid of things you have collected over the years, which may have sentimental attachment can be  difficult and even upsetting.  Remember when you need to downsize consider not what I had, but what do I need for my new life.  Write a list of what you have, what purpose it is serving and how it is going to benefit you in the future.

Ways to help you part with your treasures
  • Just because you have to get rid of your “treasures” does not mean you cannot take them with you – take photographs and keep them in a scrap book, so when you feel like going down memory lane you will still have the photos to look at.
  • If you have to get rid of items, a fun way to do so is to have a treasure give away party.  This way you can tell people the history behind them, whilst socializing and having fun with family and friends.
  • Pass your treasures onto people you can go and visit so you can see your treasures
  • Repurpose a sentimental item so it can be utilized in your new environment.

Baby cribs The baby crib that has sentimentally been kept could be remodeled into a new bench for your smaller home. a cart or storage rack.  Look at these great ideas on how a crib could be repurposed.

Follow Your Cluttered Space's board In a previous life I was a crib on Pinterest.

Sewing machine stands Old fashioned sewing machine stands are making a comeback as practical table bases.  Other items like children’s trikes, bicycles, books, tires, wine barrels and pianos can be repurposed into attractive new tables.  Take a look at these ideas Follow Your Cluttered Space's board Tables with a difference on Pinterest.

Suitcases Suitcases are no longer just used for carrying personal possessions, they can be transformed into coffee tables or shelves

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Books  Do you have old books that are no longer read, don’t throw them away make tables, shelves or lamp bases.

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Interesting wall art. It is surprising what you can put on your walls to brighten them up, items that you may no longer have use for, repurposed, such as old purses, tennis rackets and even old musical instruments  – the possibilities are endless!

Follow Your Cluttered Space's board Wall Art on Pinterest. Seating ideas   These items may have been considered as things that were no longer useful in their existing life, now repurposed look at the amazing seats these potential throwaways have made! Follow Your Cluttered Space's board Seating on Pinterest.

Miscellaneous items  Many of us have miscellaneous items such as odd cups and saucers, lamp bases that are no longer required, things that may just find themselves being donated – These are some great ideas how you could make such odds and ends.

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Maps Old maps that may once have had a place in your home nowadays are no longer used since GPS technology is so readily available.  It is a shame just to dispose of them.  Here are some creative ideas how you can give them new life.

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When you tackle your organizing project, maybe you need to downsize, if you truly wish to keep a treasure and maybe you won’t have space for it in it’s current state, think what could this be?  Once transformed you can keep them with you and make them useful again.

Giving treasures stories or repurposing to make them useful again, doesn’t that sound more exciting than getting rid of your stuff?  Organizing can be fun!