How to start your organizing project

Before you can organize stuff in your space you need to decide what you want to keep and what needs to be disposed of.  Making decisions concerning the stuff you have amassed over the years can  feel overwhelming.

To help make this decision process easier, A  simple suggestion  to help you in this process is to invest in some red, green and yellow sticky dots. As you go around your house you can put the dots onto items within your home.  The green dot represents items that are going, the red dot for things that are staying and the yellow dot for things you are unsure what their destiny will be.  Then when you are ready to start your project the items with a green dot can be disposed of very easily.

Another easy way to start is by doing the 6/6/6 challenge.  With this challenge you relocate 6 items (this could be to a more suitable place in your home, someone else’s home or another location), you trash 6 items and you donate 6 items.  If you were to do this every weekend for one month you would have dealt with 72 items  – what a great start!

If your organizing project involves paperwork and you have a large pile of papers that have amassed, simply turn the pile upside down.  Doing this many of the papers will probably be out of date and can be easily disposed of thus making your pile more manageable.